Sky is the limit
Quality lasts a lifetime
Your Home Will Love It
For any roof line
Great for Garages
Always protecting your investments
• Available in a wide variety of colors and profiles
• Come in long lasting colors with no nonsense warranties
• Provides over 30 years of exceptional durability
• Noncombustible and Hail Resistant
• Will not absorb or be damaged by water
• Will shed ice and water in the winter
• Made with recycled steel at least 25 percent

What We Do

Metal Roofs Sudbury takes pride in our quality of workmanship and the peace of mind we give to our customers providing “true lifetime” roofing services in the Greater Sudbury Region.

With our North American climate and weather patterns, many consumers have lost a lot of faith in the shingles that are available today. We provide you our customer with a true lifetime roofing system at a cost that is comparable to Asphalt.

Our roofs are built to withstand even the harshest climates. Snow and ice usually slides off to help prevent excessive buildup. Metal Roofs unique full panels are designed to provide a leak-proof roof for generations to come.

We are not your average residential roofing company. We have built our reputation by the service we provide and the hard work and dedication of our trades people. We believe in fair, professional and quality roofing.

We guarantee we will beat any equivalent roofing estimate and provide you with information and advice if needed. Whether you choose Metal Roofs Sudbury or not – we believe the consumer should be informed.

If we can’t save you money on your next roof, then we haven’t done our job.


Amount of product you will need to complete the roof will have an effect on the total cost. Depending on how large the project is will be a large factor in price range. Complexity of roof area is another factor in determining price. (i.e. valleys or transitions, dormers, number of hips, etc.) Style type of the roofing desired; whether this is standing seam, vertical rib, or tiled, all different types of style vary in price. Because metal roofing is a premium, longer life home product, you can expect the initial cost to be more than an asphalt shingle roof would cost. Generally a metal roof is priced approx 2 – 3 times the price of Asphalt.

I am now able to offer a “Summit Panel Steel Tile Roof” at a cost comparable price of an Asphalt Shingle. (depending on detail). It is now affordable and you will reap the benefits of a permanent roof. No matter what kind of metal roofing style you choose, its life cycle cost will be less. In the long run, a metal roof is less expensive than asphalt, tile, cedar shake and slate roofing.

Portfolio Samples


Metal Roofs lifespan are from 40-70 years depending on the type

Price Comparison

Although more costly, they last upto 3 times longer than traditional asphalt shingles


All our materials are recyclable to protect our land fills
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